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Can Turmeric Lower Your Cholesterol?

Can Turmeric Lower Your Cholesterol?


Monitoring your cholesterol levels is very important and it can help you drastically improve your quality of life in the long run. However, many of us dismiss the importance of cholesterol and only start taking it seriously when there are issues. That brings the question, can turmeric lower your cholesterol levels and if so, should you use turmeric powder supplements? Let’s find out.

The influence turmeric has over your cholesterol levels

For a very long time, turmeric has been known for improving your overall health naturally and it does provide some excellent value. Not only that, but the turmeric powder supplements that you can find online are very efficient. However, how does turmeric help with your cholesterol levels? That’s a topic for debate and for a very good reason.

Cholesterol is produced by the liver, and we ingest it from a variety of animal foods. There’s good cholesterol or HDL and bad cholesterol, also known as LDL. The bad cholesterol builds in our arteries and that can end up narrowing them. If you have a lot of triglycerides and LDL, that can increase the risks of issues. These can be anything from a heart attack to a stroke, coronary artery issues and many others.

That’s where turmeric comes into play. What turmeric does is it lowers the serum LDL levels, which helps lower the chances of a potential stroke, which is certainly a thing to keep in mind. Also, curcumin, the active compound in turmeric that’s very healthy is also easier to tolerate, which is something you definitely have to keep in mind!

Is turmeric going to have a negative impact on your cholesterol levels?

Not at all, if anything turmeric powder capsules will do just the opposite. The main focus of getting turmeric powder supplements is to help improve your health naturally and with great success. It’s extremely efficient and helpful, and it will make it easier for you to not only prevent a heart attack, but it also adds great flavor to your meals.

Plus, you can take turmeric in a variety of ways. The natural wellness capsules are preferred because they help add tremendous value and they are easy to include in any diet. You can insert it in your soups or sauces, and it can also be added to tea, which is great. Plus, some people add their turmeric supplements into a smoothie, they mix it with lemon and hot water or a variety of other ways. You can even find great skincare products made out of turmeric, which clearly show the efficiency of this compound and the value that it brings to the table.


Turmeric can be a great addition to any diet and it does an excellent job when it comes to lowering cholesterol levels naturally. We highly recommend getting turmeric powder supplements because they are healthy and you can use them in a variety of ways. With that in mind, it’s imperative to check the ingredients of those turmeric powder capsules and ensure everything is working as expected. That can help provide excellent results in the long term!

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