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Natural Hair Growth with Ayurved

Natural Hair Growth with Ayurved


What’s the secret to Natural Hair Growth with Ayurvedic Capsules?


Hair adds to the beauty of people. And no wonder why, all of us seem to love long, thick shiny hair. When it starts to get thin, we tend to panic. Hair starts falling everywhere. You suffer from hair breakage whenever you wash or comb your hair. Some may argue that hair fall is the result of too much stress.

Today, we have a pool of hair care products available in the market. But, are all of those products fit for your hair type? The best way to move forward is to solve any root cause. Adverse chemicals can make things worse for your hair. Maybe the issue lies in your gut or otherwise, so what would be your strategy?

Your safest way forward is an Ayurvedic natural remedy. Get better and stronger hair with natural treatment.

What are the advantages of Ayurvedic hair growth treatment?

  • Holistic Approach

The overall well-being of your hair is important. And that is exactly what Ayurveda does. It has a holistic approach to hair growth treatment. So it emphasizes any imbalance in the body. All factors like stress, lifestyle, diet, etc. are in consideration.

  • Nourishes the Scalp

Without nourishment, you cannot have healthy hair growth. While other chemicals are harsh on your scalp, Ayurveda treatment nourishes it. Also, you get proper air circulation and healthy hair follicles.

  • Natural Ingredients

Ayurveda uses no chemicals that might harm your hair. Hence the treatment uses natural elements like oil, herbs, etc. Also, these ingredients are safe to use for a long period. Ayurvedic medicine is free from any synthetic chemicals and fragrances.

  • Improves our Scalp Health

A healthy scalp is what everyone should aim for. If your scalp is dirty or unclean, it is bad for your hair growth. With natural Ayurvedic remedies, you get to have balanced oil production and reduce scalp irritation and dandruff.

  • Strengthens our Hair and follicles

You can have healthy and strong hair from the root. With chemicals, our hair suffers from breakage and split ends. The natural ingredients in Ayurveda have natural hair-strengthening properties. Ayurvedic treatment makes your hair follicles healthier.

How can you have healthy hair growth with Ayurvedic treatment?

Today people all around know the usefulness of Ayurvedic treatment. The question that now arises is, how to use Ayurveda effectively. First off, you must know how to integrate medicines or capsules into your daily routine.

Sometimes people like to pair capsules with natural oils as well. Further, Ayurveda has all sorts of products that can work wonders for your hair. So you have a clean scalp with a few oil massages and healthy growth with Ayurvedic capsules.

What are some Ayurvedic hair growth herbs that are useful?

As many might say, Ayurveda holds a lot of nature's secrets. If you want luscious hair then Ayurvedic herbs are the magic you just need! The following lists a few of the natural herbs that you must look out for

  • Amla

Who has not heard of Amla? It is the literal Vitamin C powerhouse. Otherwise known as the Indian Gooseberry it consists of anti-oxidant properties. Its rich vitamin C makeup helps in hair follicle nourishment. Do you want hair growth? Then Amla is what you start your treatment with!

  • Bhringraj

Bhringraj is nothing short of the king of hair growth. It has a remarkable potential to enhance hair growth. Moreover, it is also called the king of herbs. Bhringraj helps in stopping the early greying of hair. Further, it increases the nourishment of the scalp and follicles.

  • Brahmi

Brahmi is what people popularly refer to as gotu kalu. Further, it helps in hair growth and rejuvenating effects. Apart from that, you also get strong follicles and improved blood circulation.

  • Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the age-old all-time favorite hair growth remedy. It helps in moisturizing your scalp. Also, it is a well-known natural emollient.

  • Neem

One can never go wrong with Neem, or as people like to think of it as the Indian lilac. Neem comes with both antifungal and antibacterial properties. You get a clean scalp, strong hair follicles and good growth.

  • Hibiscus

A beautiful flower that also promotes hair growth. Hibiscus helps in their strengthening. Also, it adds lustre to your hair by presenting any breakage.

  • Fenugreek Seeds

In popular terms, we know Fenugreek seeds as Methi. Now it is a seed we all have heard of, right? These seeds bring a host of nutritious benefits. These seeds are helpful due to the presence of minerals, vitamins and proteins.

  • Licorice

In licorice, healthy hair is the result of antioxidants and important nutrients. This herb is a great shot at getting great quality hair. You can either consume or apply Licorice to avoid premature hair greying.

  • Ashwagandha

Most people like to use Ashwagandha to reduce stress levels or cortisol levels. It has elements that act as natural mood boosters. Because of this property, it is a great aid to hair growth. Sometimes anxiety and stress contribute to hair fall. So with ashwagandha and its potassium, vitamin C, iron and tyrosine constituents, you can control hair fall.

  • Jatamansi

Another excellent herb to help with hair loss is Jatamansi. It stimulates and enhances blood flow. Moreover, it keeps the natural scalp pH intact. These herbs help in reducing scalp irritation and healthy pores.

  • Manjistha

It is very useful in enhancing hair growth. Apart from that, with this herb, you can have other nourishing properties. It helps in decreasing inflammation. Also, there is an improvement in blood circulation.

What are some Ayurvedic capsules that promote hair growth?

  1. Follihair New by Abbott

This is a new capsule by Abbott. This Follihair New supplement consists of zinc, vitamin C, collagen peptides and biotin. A bottle comes with sixty pills. Often people consume a couple of these pills in a day. That is what is the usual recommendation. It targets the hair follicles and shows promising results in hair thickness, shine and strength.

Some special features

  • These capsules have amino acids. They are nutritional medicines consisting of minerals and natural extracts.
  • Another feature is that these capsules help stimulate hair follicles and improve tensile strength.

Advantages -

  • Has natural ingredients like vitamin C, collagen, biotin and zinc
  • One bottle comes with 60 capsules in it

Disadvantages -

  • It is not a vegetarian product
  • Some of the side effects may involve complaints of stomach pain
  1. Punh Hair Nutrition Supplement

Next up we have Punh Hair Nutrition Supplement which comes with amla, keratin and other blends of several elements. There are some elements like biotin which offer a potent hair growth solution. Each bottle of this supplement comes with sixty capsules. One can easily swallow these pills.

Special features

  • These capsules come with a combination of a rich vitamin complex, niacinamide, and vitamins B1, B6, B2 and B12. It also consists of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, copper, zinc and biotin.
  • These capsules can help with follicle shrinkage prevention. With natural extracts of rosemary, nettle leaf, pumpkin seeds, etc. these capsules are a great help for controlling hair fall.

Advantages -

  • It has natural Ayurvedic and herbal ingredients
  • These capsules have no chemical or synthetic ingredients

Disadvantages -

  • The results take a couple of months or a maximum of three months to come about
  • The capsules consist of a few ingredients compared to other available Ayurvedic capsules
  1. Carbamide Forte Vitamin E 600mg Capsules

These Carbamide Forte Vitamin E capsules come with very strong antioxidants. A single bottle comes with thirty capsules which are quite easy to swallow. With Vitamin E, these capsules have good moisturizing and anti-ageing properties as well.

Special features

  • Vitamin E in these capsules helps in developing healthy hair and scalp.
  • These capsules have antioxidant properties.


  • High quantity of Vitamin E constituents in these samples

Disadvantages -

  • There is only Vitamin E that is present in high quantity
  • This product is not made of vegetarian ingredients
  1. Nature's Velvet Lifecare Biotin

Today we not only want to look good but also be healthy while doing it. People want to go gluten-free for all their foods. These capsules are non-GMP, gluten-free with 5000 biotin micrograms in every pill. They not only promote thicker but also healthier hair. Each bottle is a supply for almost six months.

Special features

  • Enhances hair growth and promotes thicker hair
  • Promotes healthy nails and skin
  • These capsules act as energy boosters. They help in the conversion of food to energy.

Advantages -

  • Each capsule is a product of 500 micrograms of gluten-free biotin
  • Each box comes with 180 capsules

Disadvantages -

  • These capsules only have a high amount of biotin compared to other available remedies


Hair is a must-have asset for all, regardless of men and women. A good head of hair defines your personality like no other. With Ayurvedic remedies, you have healthy solutions to hair fall. In other words, you have healthier hair and better blood circulation.

With natural remedies that Ayurveda offers you get to have a holistic well-being of your hair. It strengthens your follicles, gets rid of dandruff and promotes hair growth. So with Ayurveda capsules, enjoy healthy and lustrous hair growth like never before!

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